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More About Henry H. Paris Distributor, Inc.

Henry H. Paris Distributor, Inc. is a supplier of domestic pipe fittings and flanges, Dresser Piping products, pipe saddles, hot tap tees, and full encirclement saddles. Founded in 1926 by our namesake, Henry Paris, we began and remain a Houston-based company. Originally located in the downtown Houston area, we expanded in 2013 to a larger and more modern facility and are now located just off the Hardy Toll road in North Houston.

Personal Customer Service

Purchased in 1987 by George Winters, we are family owned and operated. A family atmosphere and attention to customer service is the heart of our company culture. When you contact Henry H. Paris, there is a good chance you will be speaking with a member of the family who will take personal care of your order and take a personal interest in you.

Quality Products and Domestic Brands

Henry H. Paris only stocks domestic items from respected brands such as Dresser Piping Solutions, Steel Forgings, Tube Forgings of America, Hackney Ladish, Weldbend, MSM, GMI, Galperti, Coffer, Mills Iron Works and Precision Flange & Machine. By stocking domestic products, we can confidently stand behind the quality and integrity of our products. When you order from Henry H. Paris, you too can be confident in the quality and integrity of the products being used for your project.

Same Day Shipping to the Oil and Gas Industry

With our roots in the heart of the oil and gas industry, Henry H. Paris has been able to continuously evolve, improve and expand to meet the demands of our customers. Today we specialize in Dresser products, pipe saddles, hot tap tees, fittings and flanges and also keep those hard to find fittings and flanges. We strive to ship stocked material correctly on the day ordered by the carrier of your choice. Call 713.225.0141 or email us today and our experienced staff would be happy to help you.

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